Quote Match Guarantee

If you find a better deal or quote (than ours) - we will match it ‘AND ALSO' give the difference as a 'credit note' . You get a great deal and save. Win-Win!

+ How do we avail this?

Purchase of the product(s) from us is to qualify. The other quote must not be older than 7 days from the date of issue of our quote.

Email us quotematch (@) desertroad.co to verify & confirm.

+ Which quotes do you match?

Identical product with full quote (must include quantity, customization, brand, taxes, customs, duty, specs, deadline, location & mode of delivery).

The company that quoted must have ready 'on-ground' stock (not part available; made to order etc).

That quote from & to must be for a GCC licensed company

Official quotes that are signed & stamped

+What if a competitor has a bundle at discounted price or with a free item?

If the price of the identical product in the bundle is lower, we will match it and include a similar free valued item. If we can offer a similar bundle, QMG will not apply.

+ Which quotes you 'do not' match?

Quotes from manufacturers, your subsidiaries, direct distributors, freelancers or general traders. Email, SMS, chat, oral estimates is not considered.

-Special offers via loyalty programs, group buying, flash sales, auctions, bankruptcy sales, contests, samples, trials, clones, refurbished, discontinued range or via vouchers, rebates or points.

-Products from bundle, hamper, limited edition or set.

-Exclusive products, prohibited/illegal or made from scratch.

+ Anything else to keep in mind?

Standard terms apply. We reserve the right to modify, restrict, the QMG program without prior notice if a customer violated our terms.

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