365 ideas to give

With 365 days in an year, we could give you 365 great reasons (and more) of when to give. There are many amazing reasons, occasions to give great gifts that can make a difference.
Here are a few that could help you to make that happen and where we can help.

  • Conference, trade-shows, exhibitions, expos, workshops, road shows, seminars
  • Company’s anniversary, landmarks
  • New product/service launches
  • Channel, reseller, distributor, partner events 
  • Press conference give-aways 
  • Special Guests or VIP invites
  • Promotions, sales, give-aways
  • Branding or rebranding
  • Company milestones (for example Sales achievers, 100th customer, raffle draws, competition winners) 
  • New business Opening or office, store
  • Gifts of appreciation for sub-contractors, partners staff, labour
  • Thank you for project completion, deal closing, hitting a target
  • Religious Holidays or Festivals (Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Onam, St.Patrick's Day, and more)
  • Country specific holidays if your company has diverse ethnicities, expatriates
  • World Days for Environment, Children, Safety etc. For example, March 24th is Earth Hour 
  • Company Anniversary (1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 25 years, etc. 
  • Thank you gifts to top, regular, high revenue, loyal clients 
  • Special Days: Boss’s Day (October 16th in case you didn't know), Labour Day, Women's Day 
  • HR (welcoming new employees, quarterly meetings, annual events, Board meetings, galas, fetes, farewells) 
  • Personal Achievements of Employees (winning an award, wedding, birth of a child for example)
  • Causes your company supports, sponsors or donates to (for e.g literacy, health, equality, environment, diversity, Yoga, Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity) 
  • CSR initiatives like voluntary work, blood donation, recycling, charity runs 
  • Corporate retreats for  team-building activities 
  • Training programmes with certificate, t-shirt, mementos on  completion or participation

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