Our Range

We have a vast and unique products (over 8,000 and counting) between our in-house range, suppliers, distributors and partners. Quality and quantity matter. Meaning, any product
can be created from scratch, customized and easily available for most orders.

From the simple to premium, customized to bespoke, Desert Road covers the entire range to suit every need and budget.

Our premium range is where quality matters, not just quantity. We can source or create the finest hand-crafted products for discerning clients. Our range includes silver-plated, genuine leather,
premium brands,100% recycled, highly personalized, 'hard to find', exclusive, limited editions and other high-end material that stands out.

Merchandize Development
Got a great idea, concept or want to improve or adapt what you have? Our team of creative
professionals, designers, 3D/2D visualizers, merchandize developers will help you get it from idea to prototype, to final delivery, handle the logistics to make it a reality.
From product development, positioning, digital mock-ups, 3D prototypes, samples, production and even distribution be it one or a million, we will work with you all the way.

Our corporate range, includes typical, popular, trending, fast-moving, special to extra special that reflects your brand. From apparel, mugs, t-shirts, clocks, silverware, unique USB sticks, drinkware,
candy to accessories, our extensive range is sure to have what you are looking for. We then customise the products with a range of options so your brand feels right at home!

Want help to get your product to the right people and places? Need help with distribution and reach? If customers can't see your product, or its not available easily, then the product might as well not exist. Over the past 12 years, we helped many customers, merchandizers, liceenses, distributors bring their product over to hundreds of locations from duty-free outlets, airports, major malls, retail outlets, metro-stations to petrol stations, tourist locations, online marketplaces and more across the GCC giving your product the maximium reach. it's this same network we use to promote merchandise, souveneirs, custom products for clients. It's not just that, we can help with logistics & supply chain strategy that helps you with minimal costs, no warehouses, no trucks and no hiring.

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