"We at Desert Road believe the environment, ethics and economics can coexist."

  • We source products as close, as local, as possible to the client with minimal packing to reduce the carbon foot-print and unnecessary wastage. 
  • Besides we have a range of 'eco-products' made from sustainable sources, 100% or majority recycled material for clients who think green.
  • All products we source, stock or develop meet local, international standards for safety, health and other criteria. Where required, we work with clients to meet additional certification, testing, they must comply with. Or if they want us to develop a product using a certain material or process, we can do so 
  • We ensure relevant suppliers are members of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange), follow ISO-14001 standards, and ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative).
  • All our products meet rigorous quality standards with the EU and US on RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances).
  • Where possible, we use recycled materials, eliminate toxic materials, recommend eco-friendly alternatives, so customers can choose.

We believe all these simple measures add up and can make a small difference.

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